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In Loving Memory Of Baby Grist 03/20/02


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Christmas Poems 2

Here are three more Christmas Poems I have written for those who have Angels in Heaven.

I see you everywhere around me this Christmas

The twinkling of the lights are your eyes shining bright

The soft falling snow is your pure white innocence

The fire crackling warms my skin just like you warm my heart

The presents wrapped under the tree, none so wonderful as the gift of thee.

I think of the awe that would be in your eyes if all these things you could see

But then I must remember and snap myself back to reality

You have seen things I can not imagine, you are surrounded by beauty beyond compare

Still though my little one, I want you to knowyou are more precious to me than each breath of air.

Merry Christmas my special Angel above I am sending you all my love.

(m.g. xmas 2002))



Teddy bears and choo choo trains

Candy canes and toy planes

Sleigh rides over fallen snow

Staying home warm and cozy with no where to go.

My heart longs to share this time with you

With out you here, my precious little one,

Somehow this holiday season just isnt any fun

Oh how I ache to hold you near.

But spread my arms wide I must

Never in God losing my trust

Fly so high my little one

On Angels wings up to the sky.

In my heart though you will remain

Even while in heaven you do play

I must remember that up above

You celebrate with Christ

And get all His love.

Merry Christmas Sweet Angel in Heaven

(m.g. xmas 2002)




Merry christmas my angel

Can you hear me up there?

I feel so alone and small down here

But I know you are with me and never did leave

I just wanted to take a moment to relieve

My aching heart of all it carries.

Sometimes I think I cant go on

The merriment around me a distraction

The lights look so dull to me

None compare to the brilliance of you

My precious little baby.

I feel your loving presence and His gentle touch

But still sometimes this pain it feels like just too much

For one person to handle, for one person alone

Sometimes I almost wish my heart would turn to stone

But you are here with me and He has never left my side

So I smile and think of you and dry the tears from my eyes.

I know up in Heaven you are as happy as can be

My beautiful little angle waiting there for me.

Merry Christmas little baby , know I love you so

And everytime I think of you Ill picture the fresh fallen snow

So pure, so white, so innocent forever that way to be

So Merry christmas baby.I feel you here with me.

(mg xmas 2002)

My Baby's First Christmas In Heaven