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In Loving Memory Of Baby Grist 03/20/02


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Twins Forever......

Twins Forever.....Angel Aaron and Earth bound Ashley
Happy Birthday to two in heaven and one on earth.


There should be two there to celebrate
But there is only one
It hurts untilI you think your heart will surely break
There should be two running round having lots of fun.
But through the laughter of the children
An Angelic voice joins in
Saying Happy Birthday to us Ashley
And his sweet laughter begins.
Aaron is there too
He's watching from above
He's wathcing over Ashley, He's watching over you
He's blowing soft kisses and sending all his love.
He's telling you not to cry
He's having so much fun
Jesus and the Angels are throwing him a party
The blessings of this day have really just begun.
You lost a baby boy who can not in flesh be with you
But you gained a little angel who is always in your heart
He aches he had to leave you, He aches you had to part
But he is up in Heaven always watching over you
And today for just a little while he's come down to the ground
Laughing, playing, singing having fun, running round.
He is always inside of Ashley
A part of her he will always be
He's taking time to stop from his party up in heaven
To send birthday wishes to his twin down below
He's running round with her having a wonderful time
And before he goes back to heaven, he stops to sing you a rhyme:
Happy Birthday to me and Ashley
Twins we will always be
Do not cry for me today mommy
God takes such good care of me.
I am never too far for you to feel me in your heart
So Happy Birthday to me and Ashley
A family we all will always be, We never did really part.
Happy Birthday Aaron and Ashely! Your mommy loves you both so much.
Kisses given to Ashley on her little cheek, kisses sent to heaven to Aaron from mommy..for in heaven or not your mommy she will always be.
(written for Billie by Melanie 08/17/02)

In Loving Memory of Angel Aaron on his birthday.