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Baby Bug
In Loving Memory Of Baby Grist 03/20/02

This poem was written for a very dear and new friend who was battling with guilt over feelings and things she had said during her pregnancy before loosing her Baby Bug. I wrote this poem in hopes of easing that guilt and showing her the loss of her little one was not her fault. I know there are many mothers out there who battle with this same sense of guilt, I hope they read this poem and find some comfort.

Baby Bug....Up In Heaven Sending Down All His Love

Mommy I know the love you have for me
I also see the tears that flow far too freely
Your words while in your womb I thrived
Did not hurt me, did not cause me to die
It was the love in your heart I could always feel
Beating out our own sweet song
Letting me know your love for me was oh so strong.
So mommy please don't you cry
Raise your eyes up to the sky
And know I am looking down on you
Loving you and missing you with every breath you take
I am your baby and this you must know...your words did not my life from me take
I was a precious gift meant to only be with for just a little while
But your angel I will always be, so please for me mommy try to smile.


(written for Amanda Snow by Melanie from Amanda's little Bug in heaven