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In Loving Memory Of Baby Grist 03/20/02
Little Angel Hannah


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Written for Hannah on her Earthly Birthday....


Little angel, little angel
Sitting so pretty on a cloud
Do you see your mommy
Down here on the ground?
She's aching so much for you
She's missing you so much
Be sure to send her all your love
And sweet kisses from above.
Beautiful Angel Hannah
Not just on this day are you missed
Every day your mommy thinks of your lovely face
Wishing she could kiss it
And make her tears disappaer with out a trace.
She's sending all her love
And many birthday wishes
She knows you are with Jesus
She knows you know no pain
She loves you so much Hannah
When you grew your wings, Heaven had so much to gain.
Please know she carries you inside her heart
From you she will never part
Her baby girl you will always be
For now and all eternity.
Happy Birthday Hannah!
(written by Melanie for Amanda and Hannah 08/18/02)

In Loving Memory of a Beautiful Angel in Heaven.