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I Believe


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"I believe in things unseen....
In laughter love and Angels wings."

I don't have to see the wind against my cheek
I believe because I feel it and I know it is real
I don't have to see the laughter from your mouth
I believe because I hear and I know that it's there
I don't have to see God face to face
He dwells in my heart, my soul, my spiritual place.

And my little one in heaven
I don't have to see you to know you are real
You are in my heart, my soul
you are always near
You are that wind caressing my cheek
the laughter that floats to me on angels wings
My tiny love being rocked gently in His arms
As His sweet voice gently for you sings.

For my little one I believe in things unseen
In Laughter, Love and Angels Wings.....

*Written for Jessica and her little angel Jonathon...a very real and very missed baby boy*