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In Loving Memory Of Baby Grist 03/20/02
October 24th

This poem is written in memory of Baby Grist in heaven who was due this month on October 24th.


Any day now I should be having you

Any day you should be here

Happy smiles replaced by tears

For here you will never be.

Final preparations should be made for your arrival

Instead a poem is being written

Empty arms types these words

The rocker you and I will never be seen sitting in

Stands still in the corner.

Some times I think I can not bear it

Some days are just so hard

I try to smile, to be strong and brave

To put on a happy face.

But nothing can replace this emptiness in my heart

Why from this world did you ever have to part?

But then I feel so selfish, so cruel and so unkind

For where you at is so much better than this life you left behind.

I drop to my knees as the tears stream down my face

No baby to hold in my arms, just empty space

So I wrap them tightly around me

And begin to see things clearly.

God is with me always and He loves us both so much

For you and me He gave his son and I feel His loving touch

He fills my soul, He fills my heart, He lets me know

You and I never did part.

I lift my face up to the sky

And see your reflection flying by

In the arms of angels soaring oh so high

My baby, my child, my precious little one.

Look down on me often and ease my aching heart

Help me to remember we never did really part

And while the 24th of October will never a happy day be

It does not have to be full of sadness and pain as you will be here with me.






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In Memory Of My Angel who was due Oct 24, 2002.