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In Loving Memory Of Baby Grist 03/20/02
Nothing We Can Do


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This was written based off how I was treated
when going through my miscarriage.
Unfortunately many women who suffer
such a loss are treated in such a way by
the medical community and even family and friends.

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There is nothing we can do is all they would say
If you are miscarrying just go home and stay
Don't come in here bothering us
Crying and causing a scene
It is after all just a miscarriage
The doctor you should trust.
These words to me sounded so mean
So cold and cruel and unkind
Just a miscarriage indeed
This was my baby dying.
To the hospital so many times
I had to load up and go
The first time I was the waiting room they put me
Sitting alone and crying
Horrid thoughts running through my mind
Had my baby already died?
My doctor refused to see me
I bled and I hurt so much
The pain was more than physical
It penetrated my very being
To the depths of my heart and soul.
I will never forget the insensitivity
The lack of compassion or shame
For the way they treated me or my Angel
They never as a person wanted to claim.
They pretended it was really nothing...just a miscarriage after all.
My baby I caught in my hands
And their words rang through my head
"Don't come in here crying and causing such a scene
It is after all just a miscarriage"
So what did this life in my hands then mean?
She meant a living being
Who God had blessed me with
A child of His bestowed on me
To love and cherish and miss.
Her loss was not just a miscarriage
She was my baby child
In Heaven she now lies sleeping
So sweet, innocent and mild.
I love you Princess Baby
Your life was not in vain
My heart you touched so deeply
And through your life and death
We all had so much to gain.
A beautiful angel in heaven
Who I know looks down on me
Knowing her mommy sends all her love
And will let the world know for her baby
She will not hesitate to cause a scene.
For her loss was more than just a miscarriage
The end of the little life with in her growing
The beginning of her Angel getting wings.

In Loving Memory of Baby Grist...Gone Home to Heaven 03/20/02
I will never forget you my baby. You were not just a were my precious child called home to heaven from my womb. A beautiful jewel too pure and innocent to stay here with us for long.