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In Loving Memory Of Baby Grist 03/20/02
Jenny's Angel


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Written for my dear friend Jenny who lost  her child to ectopic pregnancy...


Why can't they understand this life I don't want to end
It all seems so unfair, this life that must cease to grow
Cease to live and thrive with in me
It's not tissue, not just a's my baby
And I'd give anything to have him back.
We'll get that baby the doctor says
But no I won't I feel like screaming
My little angel was a unique soul
No other can take his place
Never will I hold him close and now I sit here weeping.
Through my tears though I do feel
A gentle warmth with in my heart
A little voice cooing softly
Mommy, mommy we did not part
I know you love and miss me
I'm here with the angels and Jesus too
Do not feel bad mommy, there was nothing you could do
I was a little blessing sent to be with you on earth but a little while
But yours I'll be for me try to smile.
One day you will be here with me too
Where you can hold me close and look into my face
And know that I have always been with you
Even through all this time and space.
So Jenny as you sleep tonight
Imagine holding your baby tight
Because he is right there with you
He never did leave your life...
He is your baby always and his mommy you'll always be.

Written in Loving Memory of Jenny's Angel in Heaven....