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In Loving Memory Of Baby Grist 03/20/02


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My Shooting Star

Written for my Star in Heaven....Oct 2002 her EDD

Graphic by Amanda B
thx for this gift to me and my little star : )

Empty arms a broken heart

Thoughts of what should be

I look down and all I see

Is a stomach way too small

Not big enough, not ready yet

To push you out into this world.

You came so unexpectedly

Your time with me so short

Nothing seems as it should be

Nothing seems quite right.

But all things work together

For the good of God

This new life here with in me,

Your sibling to be forever,

If you had not so suddenly

Grown your pretty angel wings

Then "Cupcake" would not be.

So I must think of all the things

That are so good in my life

Remembering always a few short weeks of carrying you,

Even with it causing me so much strife,

Are better than having not ever known you

Before you grew wings and flew.

I can not imagine not for a second

Not having had you in my life at all

Or not having my Cupcake now growing

So big and fat and strong

I must always remember Gods promises

And so tightly to those hold on.

Somedays it can be oh so hard

To not miss you terribly so

Bu then I must release my fear

And remember you are always near.

You have not left my life

You just can not be with me in flesh

But you are still my baby, though your face I can not caress.

The pain though I can not allow to cut through me like a knife

I am just so happy to have had you in my life

And now in heaven with the angels you are

As they proclaim your beauty.

So quickly you came and left my life just like a shooting star

My angel, my princess too special for this world to see

But forever and eternity my baby you will be.

My precious baby angel please I pray this know

The joy of pushing you out into this world

To share you life with me

It hurts so much that this just was not meant to be.

But you slid so quickly, so many months ago

Out into my loving hands and off to heaven you flew

Now the angels hold you near and lovingly tell you

All about me my dear.

Mommy loves you and wishes you were here

But where you at is a much better place

And things are as they should be

God is taking care of you and loving you for me.

I will send my kisses up to you

And hugs and cuddles too

Just know how much I love you

And long to hold you near.

So quickly you did come and go

And now, I must love you and miss you from afar

My precious, beautiful little shooting star.





In loving memory of my angel who was due today Oct 24th.