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In Loving Memory Of Baby Grist 03/20/02


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Christmas Poems

On this page are three Christmas poems I have written to express the different emotions and feelings that some, who have lost little ones,  may be feeling at this time of year. Merry Christmas to all the little Angels in Heaven!!
(click link below to view the 2nd page of Christmas poems after you view these)

Christmas Poems 2

Falling snowflakes like so many tears

Piling up on the ground

If the tears that I have cried for you

Could be made into a ladder

I could easily make it up to you

A million times or more.

This holiday just wont be the same

But still I will go on

Gazing out the window, watching the snow

Slowly, slowly fall like the tear drops on my face.

Nothing and no one will ever take your place

Inside my heart youll always be

In heaven being held and rocked

This makes me happy

But I can not help but to wish it were me.

All the snowlfakes, each one unique

Just like all the precious souls God makes

You are unique my little one

So quickly you did leave me

Just like a falling snowflake

Coming so fast, then melting , leaving us so quickly.

(Melanie Christmas 2002)


Beneath the Christmas tree the presents are wrapped

The lights twinkle like shining stars

The angel sits on top of the tree

So happy I should be.

I kneel and slowly tears fall down

Tracing familiar patterns on my face

Here beneath the tree is a small empty space

Where your presents ought to be.

Warmth slowly envelopes me

Sadness quickly numbs

In heaven you are happy as can be

Celebrating Christs birth with our Savior Himself.

Softly to you I sing a Christmas carol

And feel you all around me

My precious little baby

Merry Christmas, I love you

Your Mommy!

(Melanie Christmas 2002)


Everything is perfect

Everything is done

Stockings are hung

Gifts are wrapped

Tree is all decorated

Lights are strung

Carols are sung

All is as it should be

But no my heart and mind cries out

My little one is not about

To be with me with this season.

I feel an empty space inside

I go through the motions of normalcy

But inside I feel like dying.

Then I feel your loving presence

And Gods hand upon my heart

I realize you are here with me

And we never did really part.

So Merry Christmas my little one

Kisses to heaven on angels wings

Sweet lullabies and Carols to you I will sing

Look down on me this Holiday Season

And know that if I cry there is a reason

I am missing you.

(Melanie Christmas 2002)


Merry Christmas