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In Loving Memory Of Baby Grist 03/20/02
Siblings In Heaven


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Siblings in Heaven...written for Peggy and 2 of her angels in Heaven.


We're up in heaven watching over you
We are your children still
And though sometimes this world seems unfair
We're always with you right there....inside your heart
Never to part...your children forever are we.
We laugh, We play, We sing to you
The gentle breezes that lift your hair
The birds taking off in fanciful flight
Flying high up in the air...
all these things are gifts to you.
Beautiful reminders of God's love
And little visits from us
Showing you just how much
We love and are with you still.
I am your Madison
tiny and lovely, gentle as a breath of spring air
the soft breezes against your cheek
Are angels wings carrying me
down to be with you right there.
I am Kyle
your little man, your baby prince forever
The warmth that spreads through your heart
Is the love I'm sending you
When angels fly me down to place my tiny baby hand
So softly into yours.
We love you mommy
Have no doubt, we are your babies forever
Two beautiful angels playing in heaven
Brother and Sister together.

In loving memory of Madison and Kyle