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With You Always
In Loving Memory Of Baby Grist 03/20/02

Written in memory of Angel his mommy Ellen.
~With You Always~


Surrounded by all of Heaven's beauty
You'd think there was nothing to compare
But when I look down on you mommy
I see a beauty, a kindness so rare.
While you were weeping and so sad mommy
I was lying beside you right there
I wanted so much to see you smile, a special smile for me
I'm sorry we ever had to part
But know I am always with you right inside your heart.
Jesus is there holding you close
He wants your pain to take
For you to be happy is what I want most
From the nightmare you feel you sometimes are living
I wish for you to wake.
I am doing just fine mommy
Please don't weep so for me
In Heaven I play and think of you
Each and every day.
It's ok though to cry for me mommy
Just know I am with you still
And Jesus all your hurts will heal.
When you feel like you can't go on any longer
Just  think of me happy and loved in Heaven
And let your joy grow stronger.
Your baby Liam I will always be
Nothing will change that not even all eternity
Not the space that separates us, not the pain you feel
Time may not completely heal the pain you feel so deep
But I am with you always mommy, Even when you sleep
I am the happy thoughts that creep into your mind
I am yours forever mommy, until the ends of time.

In Loving Memory of Liam....08/02