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In Loving Memory Of Baby Grist 03/20/02


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The "Birthday" Song


Written In Memory of Dawn's Angel....
Celebrating Her Special Days in Heaven.

Happy Birthday I heard you sing
Your sweet voice carried up
on the tips of angels wings.

Oh mommy how it hurts me so
To see your tears fall down
I love you so much mommy, please this always know.

I am with you always mommy
I am the breeze against your cheek
Please never feel lonely, that warmth in your heart is me.

I am the gentle whisper you hear
As you lay in bed at night
Whispering mommy I love you, please release your fear.

Jesus watches over me
In His arms I watch you below
I love you so much  mommy....
Your baby I'll always be.

So dry your eyes please mommy
Know I love you so
One day so tight you  will hold me
Until then please try not to weep so.

Happy Birthday I heard you sing
Your sweet voice carried up
on the tips of angels wings.

Love you mommy! Your Angel

(written for Dawn by Melanie....08/02)

Watch over your mommies little ones above....send them gentle kisses on the breeze and all your love.