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In Loving Memory Of Baby Grist 03/20/02
Lala's Visit

I wrote this poem for my friend Chrissy and her little angel Lala.


"Softly the Angel tip toes across the darkened room
Softly the babe with in her arms giggles by the light of the moon.
She's made a special trip to give a special kiss
For the Angel's here with Lala...your precious little gift.
She softly moves to the bed,  Her mother she sees sleeping.
Closer yet she gets to you slowly, slowly creeping
Lala giggles and coos and says in her own way:
Mommy how I love you and we will meet again one day.
I am here to wipe away your tears, To give you strength from up above.
So you can go on living and rejoicing in the memory of what was.
I am still here with you always and in your heart I'll always be.
So please don't cry so mommy
Jesus is taking such good care of me.
So tonight while you lie sleeping if you feel a gentle breeze, if you hear a little laughter and a caress against your cheek...
It is your precious gift, your little angel Lala
She's made a special trip just to wipe away those tears.
To let you know she loves you and to erase your fears.
To remind you to be happy and that God loves you so.
So tonight while you lie sleeping, give a little smile, say a little prayer and know your angel Lala is with you right there."
07/02/02 written by Melanie for Chrissy.

In Loving Memory of Lala.