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This was written after my 1st pre-natal appt with the doctor I am no longer using. I was 7-8 weeks along at this appointment.


I had a really long day and I will try to keep this not too awful long. I was at the doctors from about 8:30 until almost 1:00. All the usual tests..urine, blood...all results fine....also had to take the glucose test for gestational diabetes. I have been so sick lately and last night was the worse yet....wasn't able to sleep until 1am then was back up by around 2:15 finally got to sleep around 3 back up at 4:30 got back to sleep I'd say around 5-5:15  then up again around 7am.....I was just so sick all night long. At 8 I got up and took like a 3 min shower and just threw some clothes on, pulled my hair straight back..looked like crud, could've cared less. I was sooooo stinking sick.


So like I said I get there and they make me drink that thick super sweet tasting nasty junk for the glucose test. 2 mins after I finished drinking it I had to run to the bathroom and I barely stopped myself from throwing it up. When I had to take that test with Zebedia they let me choose a flavor and I had an orange one that tasted like an orange soda just a little bit more didn't taste that bad at all. I didn't get to choose this time ; (       I felt so awful and was so dizzy feeling, seeing little black dots all in front of my eyes ;p That test turned out fine though so that's all good.  


Well, the doctor finally sees me...yes, they sent me to go do all the testing first before seeing the doctor....and her exam was so abrupt and a waste of my time. She did not give me any progesterone and told me that was not something we should worry about at this pt. I'm this pt??? So at what pt do we worry about it??? She seems to be of the mind that the progesterone won't help anyways unless I am already bleeding then she'll give it to me. She has it all turned around....she wants to wait and try and help at a point where it would be too late to help *sigh* I"m so tired of dealing with these idiot medical personnel. ; (   She told me I could keep using the cream.


She said I am 7 weeks along and while all the nurses and lab tech told me to go get a high risk doctor or midwives who were more  knowledgeable about these things the doctor wants to see me again. Hopefully in one more week my insurance will have gone through and I can transfer out of there ASAP!!! The lab tech actually said to me that I need some one who knew what they were doing!!! That's a damn shame everyone knows what a quack this doc is and she's still allowed to keep with it...guess they really mean it when they say they only accept patients who are your very typical run of the mill pregnancies..ones that can basically birth themselves...and no wonder!!!



Anyway, when she did the internal she saw some of the progesterone suppository I put in from last night...I did not use one this morning and I thought that the one from last night would not still have any traces left inside of me. She thought I had a yeast infection possibly because she saw some of that up in me.   I told her it was from a progesterone cream probably (LOL)....she knows nothing apparently about progesterone suppositories and creams so she thought it must be a vaginal cream and said that made more sense because what she was seeing didn't really look like any kind of infection she'd ever seen. LOL, oh really? I guess not since it's progesterone and not an infection you crazy doctor!!! 

 Fortunately the NP that was also seeing patients and is very well liked and admired by the staff also checked it out and I think she knew right away what was up but she just smiled at me and winked and said it's nothing to worry, that was cool...I was afraid for a sec I was busted for using the progesterone prescribed suppositories...NOT prescribed by them. LOL     

So I thought I had somehow got around that right, no prescriptions or anything they would try to force on me for something I didn't have, right? Wrong! They call me back in and one of the nurse starts mixing this powder...that looks like crushed aspirin....into a cup of water. She says the doctor decided as a safety measure that I should take a dose of some type of antibiotic while I was there....with no insurance they didn't think I needed to worry with paying for a prescription especially when the doctor didn't think it was really any type of infection anyhow....well, I'm not one who likes to take antibiotics just for the heck of it but I drink the horrid stuff down anyway...again my stomach rolls and flips and I feel like just curling up and dying. I can't tell you how sick I felt ;p 

I have never been so happy to leave some place as I was when I left there. So no progesterone from them, I'm at 7 weeks, all the usual early preggie tests were given and the results came out fine. That's about it. They told me to try sucking on lemon drop  candy to help with the nausea. Shawn went out and got me some and it actually does seem to help a little but I have to constantly suck  on them. I don't just have morning sickness...I have ALL day and ALL night sickness ; (

I really want to use midwives this pregnancy and I had found a birthing center close to here where they do both homebirths and deliveries in their birth center. I had been leaning towards the birth center. Their birthing suites have a living room, fully equipped kitchen, and a bedroom with a regular huge queen size bed. They allow your children to be present and as many family and friends as you want and that want to be there. There is a regular bathroom and then a special low light room where you can labor in a water tub designed especially for pregnancy and laboring...though they told me they do not like nor really allow their patients to do water births, actually give birth in the water, but they do encourage and highly recommend women to labor in the water...they feel God fully intended for us to not have our babies in water....I kind of don't like them taking the choice of that away from me though...part of why I wanted to go there was to be able to basically birth my own way.

I'm not saying I even want a water birth but I'm turned off by a place that makes the decision for me, does that make sense?  They think if you have older children it's a neat idea to have one of the adults help them bake a "birthday" cake for the baby while you are there and things like that and I really like that...very relaxed, natural kind of least way more so than in a hospital...not as relaxed as at home but more relaxed and natural than a hospital by 200% if you kwim.  

I did send them an email though and wasn't very pleased with the response I got..they told me my email was long which thus made it difficult for them to read so they apologized for how long it took them to respond to me ; (   They are the only midwives I've been able to find though that don't do JUST hospital or JUST homebirths...they do both....and until I decide what I want to do I would like both options left open to me.  I think that a birthing center is a nice medium for me. !!!

I'm supposed to only be considered high risk I was told until I am out of my 1st trimester but many of the midwives I have spoken to told me that having a hormone imbalance is not considered high risk in their books at long as you have a competent doctor or midwife. Perhaps that is why the personnel at the docs office I am at now keep calling me high risk......because they know the doc there is incompetent...and they want to make sure I just get away from her LOL

Anyway, when I came home my grandmother had not been given anything to eat and she had urinated through her depends. The smell was strong and I started wretching again. I wheeled her to the dining room and gave her some food and her meds but I made dad and Shawn actually change her...I was too busy in the bathroom gagging and dryheaving ;p  She's all nice and fed and resting in her clean bed.

Ok, let me end this. Hope you all are having good days!!! 

Appt Cancelled

click the link above, appt cancelled, for pages with more info on past pre-natal appts I've had.

7 week appt