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This was written on the 28th after my visit to Potomac Hospital where I was finally diagnosed with having Hyperemesis. I was in the middle of my 9th week when I was finally diagnosed. I had been really sick since my 5th week!

I just wanted to let everyone know what is going on with me today. Shawn took me to the ER (to a different hospital than the one I went to last time). It was a short wait and they were very kind. The doctor listened to my symptoms and explained about morning sickness and about how severe it can develop in some women but how some women just get so extremely ill they develop a condition called Hypermesis. He said I had hypermesis gravidarum(sp??) and he checked me over.
He was very concerned about me and told me while hypermesis was a benign condition it was something that had to be treated or it could cause some very serious problems (kidney failure among other things...thus his great concern over the pain I've been having in my lower back). I was shaky and clammy/sweaty and my blood pressure started dropping really low while he was examining me. My head was lowered way down with my feet up in the air (the head of the bed is made where it can be dropped down way low I was at a slant like this slash \)  I was hooked up to an IV and given 2 liters of fluids (2 bags full)...they considered giving me even more fluid. He said the coating on my tongue indicated bad dehydration and my throat was swollen and sore.
I was also given phenegran through the IV which made me feel so sleepy and out of it...I couldn't even talk right...and I dozed off and on a lot.  I was given a prescription and was given information on hypermesis. I was told to not hesitate at all to go back to the ER, immediately,  if the symptoms didn't let up while I was using the meds...the info they gave me has a list of things to watch for and when I should go back to the ER. He told me hopefully it will go away by my 2nd trimester but with hypermesis it can continue off and on through out your entire pregnancy ; (   He said it sounded like to him I probably had hypermesis with Zebedia since I was so sick during my 1st trimester with him and he felt I was extremely fortunate that nothing bad developed in me or effected Zebedia since it was untreated.
He and the nurses were very kind and constantly in and out of the room...including the doctor himself...the doctor even brought me a pillow....that would never, ever happen at the hospital I went to last time. I was very impressed and happy with my visit there...of course the nurse told me we had also hit a good day where it wasn't like total chaos in there so... LOL ...but at least they were very kind and concerned.
On the way home I got so shaky and sweaty and felt so bad I was moaning and fidgeting and was almost ready to beg Shawn to take me back to the ER. I leaned forward in the seat and turned all the AC vents on my face and held my head in my hands...I dozed off a bit like that and came home and just passed out in bed. I woke up and actually felt hungry and like I could eat some...I ate a backed potato and some vanilla wafers and drank a little....I fell back asleep and got nauseated and woke up.  When I woke back up I was hungry again and ate some more (I think too much...feeling more queasy this time.. ;p). Again I did get nauseated and do have some pain.  I do feel like I"m getting a head ache and I am very, very drowsy....heavy head, out of it feeling.
He said hopefully I will only have another 2-3 weeks to try and get through this and then it should let up on me or maybe even totally go away!!
I guess that's about it. I'm so out of it I'm not sure how much this makes sense or if I have even remembered to tell you everything but it's enough I'm sure...main, bottom line I have Hypermesis and am on meds.
Thank you all for the prayers and concern for me!!! ((hugs)) and I hope you all have had wonderful weekends.

Written July 28th....9 weeks along