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Sept....Still Sick!!!


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Sept....Still Sick!!!
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Written September 4th in the very beginning of my 15th week of pregnancy.

Can I please whine some more??? I'm sorry but I've been so sick again the past three/four days now. Vomiting a lot and not able to eat a single thing or drink a drop with out pain. I'm crying every day again and I didn't want to say anything much about it...but I'm so afraid of getting dehydrated again.
Mentally I feel like I am just going to totally break down some days. I don't know what I would do with out the strength and love of my Lord and all of you that He has so blessed  me with to have for friends.
There is no way I can really explain what this is like unless you have suffered from hyperemesis too. 
I forced some food down me finally about 30 mins ago and I am hurting so bad now and the food is sitting in the back of my throat from the reflux and I feel like I will vomit any second from the hyperemesis and ack.....I bet you all wish it would go away soon too so you can quit having to listen to me gripe about it. LOL sorry!
I'm calling the birthcenter tomorrow and telling them I have to get something prescribed...even if it's just the zofran again. The zantac just doesn't seem to help me at I'm not bothering with it. I hate taking the meds but what else am I to do?
But now I am to the point of being like unless it's proven to cause harm to the baby for sure then give it to me because I can't keep doing this.  God is really looking out for me though because it's amazing I haven't lost any more weight and my belly is getting just bigger and bigger...I am so happy.
I'm getting really weak and dizzy to the pt I can't walk across the house all the time with out seeing black dots and my head spinning. My first goal was to make it past 12 weeks...well that came went and still here I am super I"ve been told that 16 weeks is the next lucky week it often lets up a lot so that's my next goal...if that isn't the week it lets up  I was told 20-22 weeks and if it doesn't let by then  I might as well face it that I will have it my entire pregnancy. : (
But I just keep remembering that it's a wonderful thing I made it out of the 1st trimester with my little one safe and sound with in me and that from what we can tell she is growing really big and healthy!!!! ; )  Thank you so much God for that!!!

Major Whine...Sick, Sick, Sick ;p

click the link above for more pages with info about hyperemesis and how sick I've been.