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Got Our Insurance!!!!


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Got Our Insurance!!!!
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Written August 14th after I found out my insurance had finally been put into effect. I was so excited and was able to make an appt to go see the midwives at the birthcenter we had decided to use this pregnancy.

I got the insurance!!!! As of right now it is full coverage and my 224 dollar prescription that totally put us into the poor house now only costs me 1 dollar!!! Yes, 1 dollar. And the good news is the pharmacist thinks that we might be able to get re-imbursed for the first prescription we had to get filled of the med! That would be wonderful if so! Of course who knows when we'd finally get the money back but still, that is good news : )
I made an appt at a place called Birthcare. They have a website at I think it is. They fit me in for next Thursday the 22nd I believe at 3:30.  They said the first visit is typically at least 2 1/2 hours.
I am so excited and I hope they do listen to the heartbeat. Though I am not sure if they use a doppler where I can hear it or not considering the kind of care they offer. If not I will be soooo disappointed as I want to hear my little's one heart beat desperately so.
They also do not do routine ultra sounds but will refer you out to get one. We definitely want at least one sono so I have to make sure they will do that. I think with the probs I've been having it should not be a problem. Maybe if I'm lucky one of the docs they work with will be one who offers the new 4D ultra-sound LOL hehe <G>
I am feeling much better since my last ER visit. I still have thrown up a few times but the vomiting alone with some nausea is not so's when you vomit constantly with sharp horrid double you over pain and all that it starts to kill you. I'm sick and have some pain ocassionally but not like I did so thank God for that!! ; )   And I am sleeping better at night. That helps...though I'm still up til about 2/3 and sleeping in until 12 or so.
Anyway, just wanted you all to know I do have an appt at a, hopefully, better prenatal care facility and my insurance came through and helped a TON with my prescription!!!

Preggie Mel with Zeb
Butterflies to represent my angel baby