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Appt 2/19..Non Stress Test


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Appt 2/19..Non Stress Test
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39 Weeks

I had to cancel my pre natal appt on 02/18 due to my grandmother's death. On 02/19 we held her funeral svc and I became worried from some pains I was experiencing and lack of movement I had been feeling from the baby for a couple days. My midwives wanted me to go on in for a non-stress test if I could not feel him move 10 times in a 2 hour period. I felt him move about 7 or 8 times in a 3 1/2 hour period so we had to drive up to the birth center after grandma's services.
 While I was there for the test we went ahead and did all the basics of a pre-natal appt to make up for the appt I had to cancel the day before. I gained 3 pounds which is really good since I haven't gained much this entire pregnancy. I have now gained appxly 17 pounds. I only gained a total of 20 with Zebedia so 17 with as ill as I have been this pregnancy is really good! My bp was great and my little one is head down and in position to be born.
He passed the non stress test with flying colors. He only had to move twice in a 20 minute period to pass. He moved 9 times!!! I only felt 2 of those movements but I was told he was, at the time, facing more towards my back and that was why I had not been feeling his movements as much as before. I had told them on the phone I normally felt him move about 10 times in 30 minutes...guess he was still moving that much but just wasn't in a position where I could feel it. I am so relieved everything is ok!
Today on the 22nd he would have been born 10 days early which is what his brother, Zebbie, did. It's funny because back at my 36 week appt we thought this little one would be here with in a week or two and now it's been 3!! LOL   I am glad for a little extra time to grieve for my grandmother though with out having the baby here. God knows when it is the right time for my little one to make his big debut and when that time comes we will be most happy and excited. It shouldn't be much longer now at all : )

Only 10 more days til Cupcake's EDD!!