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The Land of Cupcake
Pre-Natal Appt 01/28/03


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This visit went smoothly and quickly. Everything checked out great. BP wonderful, gained 2 pounds, baby still head down and low, heart beat sounding wonderful. A little confusion over where I am at in the pregnancy though. Last time I was told this visit would be the beginning of my 36th week and after this appt I'd start weekly visits. But today I was told that I am just ending my 35th week and my next appt, on Feb 11th, will be the beginning of my 37th week. LOL so, I dont' know... All I know is the kid is due in about 3 weeks.
I did not discuss the problems about the one midwife as I do not know what to make of her. She came up behind me when I was writing down my weight gain and urine test results in my file and hugged me and asked how I was doing and that she hoped I felt better. I don't know what's up with her...I think she has a very strange personality is all. I mean she was so sweet and kept smiling and checking on me while I was waiting today. I was kind of rude but I just don't know what to make of her.  I don't know....some people I guess.
I found out that I really need to have my doula/ba meet me here at my home as the main reason for the visit is so she knows where I live in case I end up having to do a homebirth. I also learned that one or two of the midwives will be making a home check up visit the week after I have the baby as well. I didn't realize they did that unless you had a homebirth so I think that is actually quite nice (Shawn and I both wish we had our own place so we could just do a homebirth).
I also go in for a 2 week, 6 week and 6 month PP check up after baby is born (to check on baby and you and any issues with PP depression, nursing etc you may be dealing with). Much nicer and more concern for you there than the ob's practice had for me after Zebbie was born for sure (only had one PP check up and that was's born get outta here)! They also want me to provide them with a basic map of how to get to my home again in case I end up thinking I won't make it to the birthcenter in time. That way they can quickly get to me.  I also learned that the ba (birth assistant) will be making one or two home visits after the baby is born as well. I had never been notified about that before, so I learned some good things to know today : ) 
That's it. Everything is looking great....except the hg of course....and baby is growing wonderful!
Melanie and "Cupcake"


Only about 3 weeks to go until Cupcake is here!!!