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32 Week Prenatal Appt


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Jan 02, 2003   32 Week Pre-Natal Appt  

This appointment went so much better than how I was worried it might go. I saw the midwife who upset me so badly when she spoke to me on that Saturday. She was so kind and understanding. Obviously she did some research or spoke to some one who filled her in on what hyperemesis is and how it effects a pregnant woman.
She gave me another px for Zofran with 2 refills. She told me to use them at my own discretion...if I needed them get them filled if I didn't then not to worry about it. She also said that as far as any further invasive treatment for the hyperemesis we didn't need to discuss that unless I felt there was a need to. I was so happy to hear that! So, no hospitalization unless I get so bad to the point that I feel I really need it! YAY!!!!
She told me she didn't care what I drank...rather it be juice, water or even soda like coke or something. She just wants me to drink and sip on something, anything I can keep down, as often as I can through out the day. I'm having some pre-term labor contractions and she's positive it's due to the dehydration. I tried a Dr.Pepper last night at the hospital when visiting my grandma and it actually didn't upset me and stayed down.
She told me if I have more pains like I've been having to sip some liquid and lay down for awhile until they go away. They haven't been really often so I'm not that concerned. As long as I can keep taking the zofran I'll manage, I do believe, to keep hydrated enough. If not then I can discuss getting the picc line put in with them for fluid administration from home.
I am measuring this time right on target at 32 weeks and she said the baby is growing great! At this pt she thinks he will be about the same size as Zebedia...right around 7 1/2 pounds but obviously that can change. He is head down and pretty much in position....right on top of my bladder...way down right on it! She let me feel his little head which was awesome. He never lets me push and feel his body when he is pushing hard against my stomach...he always moves away so it was cool to get to fill the outline of his tiny little perfectly round head : )  
As always, my bp was fine, baby's heart beat was excellent..loud and strong, no swelling of feet or ankles or anything. I gained 2 pounds over the last 3 weeks and they were thrilled again I had gained! : )   She told me I am really doing so well managing to get through this and trying to keep myself hydrated and that was nice to hear.
She teased me when she listened to Cupcake's heart and told me I was finally getting a nice little round pouch. LOL   I have recent preggie/belly pics I need to post here whenever I can get the time.
And that's about it. My next appt is Jan 14th and I only have 8 weeks left until my little one is here with me : )   Getting a bit nervous about the labor and wondering if I'll be sick and vomiting while I'm trying to have him...but I'll deal with it when that time comes.
Love and ((hugs))

28th week Pre-Natal Appt

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8 weeks left to go until Cupcake joins us : )