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The Land of Cupcake
28th week Pre-Natal Appt


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My first appt in my 3rd trimester!!!! I can't believe I'm in the last stretch of my pregnancy...little cupcake will be here in our arms soon! I only have about 12 more weeks to go!! Midi playing is Little Drummer Boy for my little Cupcake who feels like he's often practicing the drums inside of me LOL *grins*

This was my first visit to see my midwives in about 8 weeks or so. I can't believe it but I am to the point of needing to go in every two weeks now for check ups. My next visit will be three weeks away though as I did not want to go in Christmas week (traffic in Northern VA..ick...I really don't want to be in it Christmas week).
The results on my GD and CBC came back and both were fine!! : )    I actually gained 6 pounds over these past 8 weeks, I was so excited and happy! This is my first real gain the entire pregnancy!!!  I've been getting pretty sick to the point of gagging/dryheaving and vomiting again this past week so they were very kind about refilling the zofran for me. I used the last one I had left yesterday.
The baby's heartbeat sounded great and I was told I'm actually measuring closer to 29 weeks than 28 so the baby is growing wonderful : )   She talked briefly with me about what kind of food and supplies to bring with me to the birth center when I go into labor. Shawn and I were invited to a party they are having in Feb that will include lots of info on what to expect from our labor experience with them. It's perfect timing since our little one is due beginning of March. Traffic was bad today up to Alexandria and I just keep hoping that I don't go into labor during rush hour..that would be a great way to start the birthing experience..delivering in our car LOL
And I guess that's it....everything is looking great : )  Cupcake has been so active lately. Constantly moving and fluttering around. Sometimes he moves so strongly it startles me and even hurts a bit! I feel so silly when I'm out in public and all of the sudden jump because he's kicked or pushed against me so hard it's startled me hehe  
Merry Christmas to you all! I can't believe this time next year I'll have another little child to be holding and loving and sharing Christ's birth with. I pray that the love, mercy and blessings of Christ rain down on you all through out the New Year!!!

Oct 24th Prenatal Appt

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Merry Christmas!!!