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Oct 24th Prenatal Appt


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I was worried about this appt a little bit since it was on the 24th. The 24th was my EDD with my baby I lost in March. But it was a good thing...having this appt on that day was just meant to be.

My pre-natal appt on the 24th went wonderful! The baby was very active and kicking and pushing on the doppler...the midwife kept laughing and I was giggling because it tickled LOL   I actually gained 1 pound which I am so happy about...Now that the hyperemesis is not so bad and I am not vomiting every single day I hope to start gaining weight! I am measuring I think she said 20 cms which she said was perfect and wonderful especially for my size (being so petite). The baby was laying perfect right in the middle where he always is....he sometimes  moves up higher to my belly button area or will go down low and kick my bladder (urgh!) but he stays in the middle. (Zebbie loved the lower right side)  My bp was excellent and I looked all thorugh my file and got to see that everything did indeed check out perfect at the sono though my uterus is measuring a bit big for my stage of pregnancy (but the tech said she only saw one baby in there!...I measured kind of big with Zebbie too even though my stomach never did look big). The AFP test (the spina bifida, downs syndrom test)  Shawn wanted me to take came back negative so that is something he doesn't have to worry about now. Zebbie wasn't as excited this time about hearing the heart beat because he kept saying he wanted to see the baby again LOL hehe (I did see that horrid MWH where I had my miscarriage did not give my midwives accurate info on what happened though...I despise that hospital)
The visit went great as usual as everything is looking if this Hyperemesis would just go away!

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"Then,", said the penny dolls, "we are indeed happy and proud for you! For wherever one of the new Raggedy Ann dolls goes, there will go with it the love and happiness you give to others."
-Johnny Gruelle, Raggedy Ann Stories