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OMG....The Cost of Zofran


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OMG....The Cost of Zofran
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Written on Aug.01, 2002 after Shawn got back from picking up my prescriptions. I was so shocked by how much it cost us!

Alrighty, Shawn just got back with my prescriptions. Well......the pharmacist was a guy Shawn knows, they have played paintball together before, and Shawn asked him if he could please give him all this info on the meds..were they safe to take while preggie, while nursing (cause of Zeb still nursing) and how much would they cost.
The Zantac was no biggie...cost us 30 bucks...but the nausea medicine called Zofran was astronomically priced!!!! To get the prescription completely filled JUST for the Zofran was about 224 dollars!!! The pharmacist told Shawn with out us having any insurance to cover part of the cost the best thing to do was to just let him fill the Zofran half the way and pay 112 dollars instead of 224. That way I could see if it was going to help me before dishing out 224 dollars!!!! 
And get fill to the 112.00 amount gave me just 6 pills!!! LOL The total for 6 of the Zofran and the Zantac was 140 dollars. But, 140 is a WHOLE LOT better than the 255 it could have been!!!!
 The pharmacist told Shawn there was another anti-nausea med that was a step below the Zofran and cost less but it wasn't safe during pregnancy. Zofran he said is what is normally prescribed to cancer patients who are really sick from chemo. So hopefully this helps...this with the Zantac combined maybe will get me through this!!! But Lord, if we have to pay 112 to 224 every time I need it re-filled...ouch!!!
But, good news...Shawn checked our bank account and by some miracle and grace of God we have way more money in there than we thought. I mean don't get me's not a whole lot more than what one regular paycheck would be for Shawn but that's a lot more than we thought we had in there!!!! So, that takes some stress and pressure off ; )