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The Birth Story


My labor was a total of exactly 3 hours started at 3:10 and ended at exactly 6:10. I woke up at 3:10 with incredible intense contractions. I went to the bathroom and lost my mucous plug. We headed straight to the birth center. The contractions were only 3 mins apart and soooo painful. I was beating on the dash board all the way up there LOL We missed the exit out of the HOV lanes and had to turn around to get our exit to King St (where the birth center is) it was crazy, not so funny at the time but now it is, just fits my life hehe

We get there and I was checked internally. I was already 7 cms dilated. I was having really intense, extremely painful contractions. I wanted to get in the birthing Jacuzzi tub but they said there would be no time for it to fill before Ezekiel got here. I got in the bath tub instead and used this shower messager thing on my stomach. It helped calm me.

The contractions were just super strong the whole labor, never letting up there was no gradual build up it was just BAM the contraction was there full force.

My water did not break on its own this time. They broke it for me at 8cms and the contractions then became so bad I thought I would  die. They were painful with Zebedia but they built up at least a littlethese were just super hard and fast. Very, extremely painful. Fortunately I only had to suffer through a few of these super intense contractions before Ezekiel was born.

I could not stand on my own in the shower I was exhausted and in such severe pain. Poor Shawn just practically jumped in fully clothed to hold me up. My mom was mostly the one who gave me support and stayed with me through the contractions. I just kept begging her to not leave me it hurt so bad. I'm not ashamed to tell you that it hurt, cause it really did LOL I will tell you that we found out why it was hurting so bad in just a little bit (besides the fact it all just went so fast Ezekiel came out with his hands and elbow up by his head...his hard fist and pointy elbow jabbing into my cervix is what made the contractions and labor more painful. It also went a bit slower with Zeb and I will tell you, it hurts less when it takes more time to build up a little.)

I tried to get in different birthing positions but they all made the contractions hurt so incredibly much more! I just sat in a chair in the shower and at the end just stood up and rocked back and forth on my feet in the tub.

It was 6:00AM when my water was broken and Ezekiel was born at 6:10AM. The midwife told me I pushed only about 2 or 3 times. He came out with his hand over the top of his head. They told me that was the main reason why the contractions hurt so much worse. His fist and elbow were pushing on my cervix. They said that was one of the most painful types of deliveries to have...especially totally natural like I did with no pain meds.

I was allowed to push when I wanted, for as long or short of a time as I wanted. It was great being in total control and not having some one counting off seconds for how long I was supposed to push and such. I actually felt Zeke drop down into me and come out which was an awesome experience as well. I missed out on that with Zebedia. I only felt intense burning and a raking sensation like hot claws...Zeb came out and I was still pushing not even realizing he'd been born. So this was an incredible sensation to actually feel my little baby, Ezekiel, slip out of me : )

Shawn cut the umbilical cord. We all felt it pulsing with Zeke's heart beat and waited for the pulsing to stop before Shawn cut it. Erin, one of the midwives, also showed us the placenta and the little pouch Zeke grew in and all. It was a really wonderful experience.

When Ezekiel was born Shawn asked Zebedia what should we name the baby...and Zebbie said 'zekiel so Ezekiel Wolfe it is. :) I'm really happy as I love Ezekiel's name.

We left the birth center about 3 hours after the birth and were home by 10:30 AM. Its been so nice being home with my new little family! I had some bad after labor pains but over all I feel soooo much better than I did right after having Zebedia.

While the labor was really instense, being so fast and Zeke having that fist and elbow jabbing into my cervix,  it was a geat experience. I had the midwife Cindi, my ba Heidi and a midwife student Erin who I just adore there! They let me just do and say whatever I wanted. I could yell or be totally quiet. I could be in the tub or get out and walk and just do whatever I wanted. I also did not have to get an episiotomy this time!

Zeke is 2 inches longer than Zeb but about 4 ounces lighter. He has such a tiny little face and feet. Zebbie had this really chubby face when he was first born and big feet LOL Ezekiel has lots of brown hair with very light golden blondish red colored highlights. He does not have as much hair as Zebbie had as an infant but he still has a lot. And of course Zeke has blue eyes right now. He is so alert and really responds to Zebedia's voice. He looks more like Shawn than Zebbie did at this point. Zebbie is a spitting image of me. Ezekiel is a pretty good blend of Shawn and me so far. He resembles my brother too...especially in the nose area. When he squinches up his little face he especially looks like his Mamaw in Heaven. Shawn noticed that he looked like my Grandma a lot immediately. When he squinched up his face I really noticed it too! Thats so special and sweet to me! He still looks like Zeb as well just I think has more of his daddys features than Zeb does. Zeb looks basically nothing like Shawn LOL

Zeb just adores Zeke. He was so wonderful at the birth too. He watched the whole thing and was just so fascinated by it. He wanted to see the placenta and everything. He was so sweet and the only thing that upset him was when I got vocal with the pain..then he wouldd come running into the bathroom and say he had to check on his mommy. He is such a sweet heart!

He loves all on the baby and is just crazy about him. No jealousy really at all at this point. Actually just the opposite, if he thinks we are not giving enough attention to the baby he makes sure we do! Hehe *smiles*

He is an incredible big brother so far!!!! He has gotten a little jealous over his "nursies" though and trying to assign sides that each of them can nurse from LOL haha : ) It's really precious when they both nurse though and Zebbie strokes Zeke's head or holds his little hand. I just love both my little angels so much :)

My new little blessing is just so adorable and precious. My heart just bursts with love for both of my sons. I could not ask for greater blessings in my life. I know my grandma and Angel Baby were both and are still looking over little Ezekiel.

Love and ((hugs))


Mommy to two Earthly Angels

Zebedia Drake


Ezekiel Wolfe

And Mommy to one Heavenly Angel

Baby Grist

Ezekiel Wolfe 03.03.03

My Little Blessing, My Gift From Above, You Have All My Love