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To The ER Again!!


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To The ER Again!!
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This was written August 11th in my 11th week of pregnancy. This was my 3rd or 4th visit to the ER.

I just got back from the ER. I had to drive myself there and back because mom could not make it home and we couldn't get my aunt on the phone...she had a family pet die and was occupied with taking care of him. I felt so awful and I just had not choice though but to drive myself.  
At least I made it up there and back ok. I thank God for that.
I was given more fluids which I knew would happen. But this doctor said I should just keep taking the Zofran and ask my doctor about what else to take for the acid reflux. She said for some women nothing helps the hyperemesis or the bad acid reflux that can flare up with it. They told me if I can't eat/drink again or start vomiting to go back for more fluids and if it went much past 12 weeks other opitons would have to be discussed. 
I feel like I might as well live in the ER. The meds I'm taking aren't helping so I told the nurse who checked me out I'd see her in probably a week or less depending on how quickly this got severe again. I actually wished they would just offer the permi pic line again this time so I could just quit having to suffer through not being able to drink anything for days at a time before finally being able to go on to the ER. 
 I shoved food down me and drank some ASAP after getting the fluids because I know that even by late tonight I won't be able to eat or drink much's how it goes everytime.
Thank you everyone for being here for me through all of this.

The ER Visit....5 weeks

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