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This is about my 1st appt I had with my old doctor's practice..this was just to get the "official preggie test"done and discuss problems I was concerned about. I am no longer with this doctors practice.

My 1st appt at 7 weeks

I finally got into to have the "official" preggie test done today (two weeks since I first started trying to get in!!). I talked to them about progesterone and my problems etc. They said I definitely need to keep using the progesterone suppositories and creams I should have been started on them with my last pregnancy where I lost the baby as soon as I complained of problems and truthfully as soon as it was confirmed I was pregnant...they basically admitted it was their mistake last time and no one wanted to admit they rememberd me telling them I had PCOS and all *sigh*   
Apparently it's just a total miracle that I didn't have these problems with Zebedia. Anyway, I have an appt for the 16th which is only like a few days from now on next Tuesday to actually see the doctor and hopefully get a prescription for more suppositories. They are considering me a high risk pregnancy because of my miscarriage and the need for progesterone....they set me up with turning in papers for help with insurance. It shouldn't take more than about 2 weeks for that to go through then they want me to transfer to a different doctor as soon as that gets straightened out.
They say they only handle your every day run of the mill types of pregnancies and I need a doctor that will be there for me WHENEVER I may need more of this only being seen on certain days and all....since they are considering me more of a high risk type of pregnancy. They ONLY will see patients on Fridays and some Tuesdays.
Zebbie has been so cute! He puts his head on my stomach to listen to the baby and he talks into my belly button ROFL He asks the baby if it can hear him and when I tell him I have to lay down because my tummy hurts he'll say little baby don't hurt mommy now LOL  I can't wait to see how Zebbie will react when the baby starts moving and he can feel it and all ; ) 
I've been so nauseated today but I am glad I got to finally get in to the doc's office. Hope you all have had a wonderful day so far!!

This was written July 12, 2002