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This is the message I sent out to my friends and family online to announce the news I was pregnant again. This was sent on June 28, 2002...the day after my baby Zebbie turned 3 years old : )


I am sooo excited!!!  I'm not due to start my cycle until the 1st of July but the way I've been feeling I thought I should go ahead and test to see if I was pregnant or not. Been having quite a few symptoms that could be either pregnancy related or from a cyst being flared up.
So,  I got an early response test today and immediately two lines came up!!!!! I am so happy but so nervous too. With having lost the baby in March and not getting any answers as to why I obviously have some anxieties right now about this baby but I am just so happy!
 I can't believe the Lord has blessed me with the honor of carrying another little soul with in me. With having my PCOS it is just miraculous that I have now conceived three times with out any medical intervention or help at all! God is so good and if, oh God please be willing, I am able to carry this baby to term he or she will be due in March. I think that is just extra special since I lost my little angel baby up in heaven in March. Also, I always, always said I wanted Zebbie and my next child to be about 4 years apart....he will be 3 months away from turning 4 when this babe is born!!!
Please pray for the little one with in me. Pray God please keep her safe and He some how make a way for us to get better medical care this round than we had last time. That job Shawn was "guaranteed" has not gone through. We thought we would have insurance soon but now I don't know if we will or not. But it matters not....with God on my side no matter what happens He will make a way for me and my family to endure and get through it!
 I appreciate all the prayers you can spare for my angel! I really think this time everything will be fine. I feel more fullness in my abdomen and not just the achy pains in my sides like I experienced last time. I pray they do not show up at all....I fear, even with my belief in God, just how well I would really handle loosing another little one.
I am so happy I am so close to tears. My heart is just bursting with love for my Zebedia, my angel in Heaven and the little one with in me. Three children I have been blessed with now! Oh thank you matter what happens You are so good to me!
Thank you all so much for all the love and support you always show me!

I was not even quite 3 weeks pregnant yet when I sent this out : )
These are just a few of the sweet responses I received:
OH Melanie!!!! Praise the Lord!! He is wonderful.  I'm so very thrilled for you. Please keep me posted I will say a prayer for you!!!!
Oh Melanie, this is wonderful are truly being blessed............take care, and rest as much as you can.......will be praying for you........Nancy t.

 You and your family will remain in my prayers... having PCOS myself I love to hear encouraging stories like yours!!!

Melanie, I am so happy for you.  You will be in my prayers. Diana

Melanie-- CONGRATS!!! (((((HUGS)))) Cast aside your worries and just think good, wonderful thoughts. I  will keep you in my prayers. Take care!! And Congrats again!! I feel so happy for you!!
((((((hugs))))))) Janis

Wow, im so happy for you melanie:) I hope everything is fine this
time. Your babys safety, and of course yours, will be in my prayers.
All the best of luck.

I'm so happy for you!!!!! I'll will be praying daily  for you and this baby. It's always a little scary after losing one. I know I lost a baby 8 years ago.God Bless you!!  Amy : )

(((HUGS))))  You are in our prayers!  You and new baby to be grist...  Baby Grist is sending you this darling with all his or her love...  may the Lord bless you guys! I'm so excited for you guys!  May it be so!  Jacalyn Stanley

Congratulations, I am so happy for you and shawn. I will pray for
you, I hope all goes well. I will be keeping you in my thoughts. Take
cate of yourself. Love, Cristy

CONGRATULATIONS, MELANIE!!!  I am so happy for you!!!  :)

YAY Melanie! Congratulations!!!!!!! I am SO happy for you!! God is so good!!!  I will say a prayer for your precious baby!  Robin

Praise be to God!  Yeah!  Yeah!  I can't believe it!  That is very
soon after your last pregnancy just like this one I am carrying now
was very shortly after a miscarriage I had, too.  God is behind it
all the way and you will be fine so don't let satan tell you any
different.  I will be praying for God's protection over you and the
baby.  Be really gentle with yourself this first trimester.  I will
be praying you get the doctor that God wants for you and your family.
Yeah! Yeah!Blessings,  Angela Fox

I just find it interesting how you were all sweet to Angela.... about
her baby... and not caring at all that she talk about hers after you had just lost yours... you were being so happy about HER pregnancy and then God rewards you for it today!

Melanie, HUGE HUGS.  I am so happy for you.  Have you told Shawn?  YIPPEE. I will keep you, Shawn, Zebbie and the new little one in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Tara

TErrrific news Mel!!!!!! Congrats!!!!  Things will be just fine, you'll
see.  Let us know how hubby reacts!!!!!Kimberley

Congratulations to you!! I am sooo happy and excited for you. I will
certainly have you and your little one in my prayers. Yes, God is
good. Rachel :-)

How wonderful!!! Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you. And that
is extra special that you are due in March. I know I will have the
same anxieties if and when I get pregnant again, but try to relax and
enjoy your pregnancy. You and baby will continue to be in my prayers.
Many Blessings!! (((HUGS))) Doreen

AHHHHHHH!!!!!!  I'm so excited for you too!!!!!!  Congrats,
congrats, congrats hun!!!!!!!  You'll get your March baby!!!! 
Sending lots of prayers and positive vibes your way!!  Everything
always has a way of working out, so don't worry.  God is looking
over you.  Woohoo!!  Just soooo excited and happy for you!!!! Tabitha

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bambie

Congratulations, Melanie!!!  I am so happy for you!!!  I pray that everything will be fine this time!!!
Oh Melanie, what a blessing.  I can't tell you how happy I am for
you.  I'm praying. Tess
MELANIE!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!!!!! Mel, may the Lord be on this pregnancy also and may your new blessing be healthy, and know the Lord has a plan and a purpose.. Jer 29:11. May this be a 'happy'.( no sickness :) ) easy and wonderful time for you! Your Sister in Christ, Nannie
There were many more warm and loving messages but I can't fit them all here...thank you so much to all of you who have shared in my joy!