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Our little cupcake's profile shot. The tech kept commenting on his perfect little round can see his little hands up by his face.
More pics from the sonogram are at the bottom of this page : )


We had the sono this morning, Oct 16, at around 10:00. I know everyone is wanting to know if we learned the gender and I'm sorry to say we still have really no definite clue ; ( The tech wasn't very patient with checking...the baby was not coroporating and did not open his legs...he was moving his legs but his knees never parted. The first time she tried to check he was on his belly and all we could see was his little butt LOL She gave us a shot of what she "thinks" is probably the tip of his penis. He turned later on but still wasn't in a great position and he would NOT open his legs hehe...too modest!!! She would not check again after that even though Shawn pretty much came right out and asked her if she would check one more time after he had moved into a different position again.

Zeb wasn't like that at 14 weeks we had our 1st sono with him and he kicked those little feet up and there it was for all to see that he was a boy LOL This baby just wasn't coroporation much and it didn't really surprise me....I just knew for days now we would not be able to get a definite answer...

Anyway, when he turned, even though he wouldn't give us a view of between his legs (LOL), she said she was seeing what looked like a solid mass protruding up onto his stomach and she didn't think it was the umbilical cord as it was going in the opposite direction. She told us she just couldn't really say for sure as the baby wouldn't open his legs...but for us to not rush out and buy any little girl clothes since we already have boy ones in case the little bit she could see/thought she was seeing was actually a little boy part.

Everything checked out great though and the little one was so active even if he wasn't opening those legs for us! LOL Shawn is thrilled it's probably a boy! He wanted another boy really bad..hehe I think a girl would have been nice since we have a boy but I didn't really care...a little boy is great and I hope it does end up being a boy now because I am getting all excited thinking about another baby boy and a little brother for Zebbie to play with (either way though I don't care...just thrilled the baby is healthy and growing well)...any healthy baby is great and wonderful to me...I just wish I knew for sure in some ways...I loved knowing with Zeb. I like was great bonding with my "little baby boy", Zebbie, before he was born and calling him by we have to still come up with a boy and a girl name just in case...ack! We are having such a hard time with names too LOL and I can't help but start to think of the baby as a will be like oops, stop !
and change gears if it ends up being a girl since I can't help but already start to bond with my little one thinking of him as a HIM. LOL

I am (and most importantly) thrilled that the baby is perfect size for his age and looking healthy and great ; ) Healthy and doing well is all I really wanted to hear. I knew we wouldn't find out the exact gender anyways...for days I kept telling Shawn I just felt that we wouldn't find out....from the beginning I've had such mixed feelings about what I think this baby is and I told him I just knew we wouldn't get a straight answer...and sure enough we didn't LOL

She couldn't get a good heart beat shot at first and she was not very patient about that either (kept sighing and getting kind of grouchy about it)...she had me lay over on my left side twice trying to get the baby to move into a position where she could get the shot she needed. She told us if it wouldn't move we would have to come back...which in all honesty we were hoping we would get to go back and have another one done hopefully by some one else!!! But he did move and she got the heart beat shot she no more sonos for us. Oh, she also said she is fairly certain there is only one baby in no twins..sorry to disappoint those of you who thought for sure I was carrying twins hehe <G> though she told us again that sometimes people are I figure we'll end up with twins and they'll both be girls since she seemed uncertain of everything!!! LOL ; )

The pictures she gave us suck to be very blunt about it. There were some of the cutest profile shots she COULD have printed out for us. But instead she gave us stupid stuff like a picture of the leg bone.....the bone...I mean come on...I want cute profile shots....not a picture of a bone!!! The one full shot she did print for us, the baby has both it's hands up over his face so you can't really see anything...he's covering most of the cute profile area around his nose and mouth. LOL figures..... ; )

There was one time where she got close on the face and you could see these perfect, already plump, bowed lips (on the sono they looked just like Shawn and Zebbie's..really nice shaped lips)...they were opening and was an incredible shot....of course we didn't get a pic of that either. He also at one pt turned towards us with his arms stretched was so cute....didn't get a shot of that either *sigh* But oh I got a picture of a leg what am I complaining about?? *sarcasm* LOL

But at least from what I could see everything looked great!!! ; ) She said she would send the results to my midwives and she loved the baby's head....he has a perfect round little head. It was so funny because they lady who did Zebedia's sono also loved Zeb's head and told us what a perfect shaped little head he had LOL So if this one is a boy he's shaping up to sound like he's going to look a lot like his big brother....perfect little head and perfect gorgeous little lips ; ) I know he'll have lots of hair...all baby's in our family have beautiful heads full of hair! hehe ; )

Ok, guess that's looks great, measuring perfect, healthy and growing well which is all most important.....might be a boy, but don't really know for absolute positive and that's about it! Hopefully in the next couple( few) days I'll be back on line and can send this out.


Sono pics