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I was so disappointed the day I wrote this. I had been through so much this pregnancy and was so excited to finally get an appt with the midwives and start some, hopefully, decent pre-natal care. I am using the midwives now and things are going wonderful!!!!

I didn't get to go to my pre-natal appt ; (    Their receptionist called me about 15 mins before we were getting ready to walk out the door and told me they had to cancel my appt and re-schedule. I was told 2 women having homebirths went into labor and they were down to only 2 midwives at the center and 1 was getting ready to leave. I am so upset and disappointed. I understand these things happen and at least they called but I was so looking forwward to going today.

My mom was leaving work early to come home to be with grandma, Shawn took off half a day of work. We were all dressed, excited and ready to go and they call and cancel. They didn't reschedule me until next Thursday at 6.
Shawn is really upset and my mom was furious. They both said what kind of care is that and what if you were in labor and they didn't have enough midwives available. I asked about that and was told I would possibly have to be transported to the hospital and have one of their affiliated doctors deliver me.  I was really upset and felt like if they don't have enough midwives there to handle their patients then they should cut back on their patients or hire more midwives.
I did see on their website that they had stated they know took 20-25 patients a month and that it  kept them busy but they had just hired a new midwife to join them in July of this year and they were handling it well. Obviously though no they are not handling it well at all if they have to call people.

I'm just so disappointed...I almost cried when she told me they needed to reschedule. I was just so excited and I mean to call not even an hour before my appt to re-schedule?? I don't know...I just thought that was rather inconsiderate. I explained to her how I couldn't just up and switch appts around all the time too with having the special circumstances of my grandma here and all and having to arrange for some one to be here with her. I told her my mom had left work early and my husband had taken half a day off for this. Mom had meetings and wasn't sure she could make it...I almost had to hire one of the adult day care sitters to come here and be with grandma. You have to hire them a minimum of 4 hours...if I had ended up having to do that and they had shown up it would not have mattered that the birth center called here to cancel my appt...I'd still have to pay them for a minimum of 4 hours.

Yes, I am very upset and very disappointed. I was so excited to get in and receive some real pre-natal care and to hear my baby's heart beat and all. Shawn told me to just go to baby beat and rent the doppler there so we could just listen to the baby anytime we wanted. I just have to check and see if they take paypal or check payments since we don't do the whole CC thing  anymore. I told him we might as well start renting it and too bad we can't rent a sono machine too as at this rate I'm going to end up just giving myself all my pre-natal care (myself and the ER LOL). 

I called the other place I was interested in using but she told me that some of the hmo's won't participate with them unless the patient is so many weeks along .... and usually it's into the 3rd trimester. So good God, am I supposed to wait to receive pre-natal care until I am almost ready to deliver?? ACK! *sigh* This has been one crazy pregnancy! And I'm just in a rather rotten mood now ; (  

Written on August 22nd