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The Land of Cupcake
3 week old pics II


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3 Weeks Old...PICS
A Mother's Prayer (Pic)
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Hyperemesis...sick the whole pregnancy
Very Sick...A horrible night

A couple pictures of my little Wolfey on his tummy : )


Here he is trying to creep already. He actually rolled himself over onto his tummy in this picture. He pushes with his feet and tries to scoot around already. He'll be up and chasing after his brother Zebbie in no time : )


Mommy (no make up on ick! LOL) and her little Cupcake, Ezekiel Wolfe.


A blessing truly so amazing, our baby boy, into his eyes I'm always gazing
Feeling my heart fill up with love, burst with pride and swell with fear
I love him so much that it hurts...this beautiful child, my newest gift
My love will only grow and grow with each and every passing year
Rather if he's eight or eighty, my baby boy he'll always be
Things are as they were meant to be, now this I can clearly see
Thank you God for my baby boys, for giving me these gifts
My ultimate pride and joy.