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The Land of Cupcake
A Birth Told In Pictures cont'ed.....


The Birth Story
Ezekiel's Pictures
Zeke's Pics
3 Weeks Old...PICS
A Mother's Prayer (Pic)
PICS Zebedia and Ezekiel
Pictures...Family with Ezekiel
A Birth Told In Pictures
Post Partum Home Visit...PICS
Announcing The News
Appt 2/19..Non Stress Test
The Sono Appt
Shopping!!! Nursery Set!!!!
Got Our Insurance!!!!
Official Pregnancy Test
To The ER Again!!
OMG....The Cost of Zofran
Info on Hyperemesis
Sept....Still Sick!!!
Hyperemesis...sick the whole pregnancy
Very Sick...A horrible night

Daddy putting Ezekiel's hat on minutes after he was born.


Ezekiel just minutes old on mommy's chest.


Daddy cutting Ezekiel's umbilical cord. We all felt it pulsing with Wolfey's heart beat and waited for it to stop before Daddy cut it.


Ezekiel nursing for first time.