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The Land of Cupcake


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This was written on the 1st of August....just 4 days after the ER visit on the 28th of July! I was 10 weeks when this was written.

An Update.......I had to go back to the hospital last night. Was given another liter of fluids...I didn't think I'd have to get more fluids since I just had 2 liters administered on Sunday but I had to get another IV and another liter of fluids...I was already dehydrating some again.  
I was given another prescription...this one they said is 2 "notches" above the first stuff they gave me, so more powerful and might help me more with the nausea. It's called Zofran. This doctor decided that with being pregnant the acid reflux was acting up on me really bad thus some of the pains up high between my ribs and the lumps and foul taste in the back of my throat and base of my throat. So, along with the nausea/pain medicine, Zofran,  he also gave me another prescription for the reflux called Zantac. (muscles and ligaments relax more and loosen up during pregnancy...sometimes the stomach muscle will loosen up too much as well and that allows the area where the esophagus meets the stomach to not be tight enough he said and that allows the food and digestive juices to flow back up into your throat and mouth...thus the taste and feeling of food being stuck in the back of my throat sometimes).
I'm not thrilled at all about taking all these meds when pregnant but I was also told that the chances are very high I could lose my baby if I do nothing and continue on this sick or this condition I have could cause serious, often permanent damage or death to me or my child. So, weighing everything out I don't really have a choice. I certainly can't keep going as I have been and basically starve to death. It's not just a matter of oh I don't want to feel like I'm dying...goodness knows I'd go through that a hundred times over so long as my baby stays safe inside of me. But since there's a lot more than that going on and not taking the meds will eventually  result in very likely fatal damage to my child...serious potential life threatening (of my life and my baby's) being..... if I don't do something to try and get this under control...well, I'm taking the medication!!!!   And besides I know that God is in control and He will help me and my little one through this ; )
Good news they don't think anything is permanently or seriously damaged to warrant any kind of kidney treatment right now.  I am so thankful for that because I was really worried...I seriously thought from the talk before that I would end up having to go through some kidney meds and treatments. But....They think it's just from not being able to take fluids for so long which definitely eventually will cause permanent damage if the hypermesis isn't treated, but they think that is just causing irritation..lack of water and such to them, so we still have plenty of time to try different meds and all to see what might help and as long as I don't hesitate to keep getting rehydrated when needed all should be fine!!!!  
So thank God for that....and thank God sooo very much that so far there has been no bleeding or anything with this pregnancy and my baby is safe and sound inside of me. (baby or babies since I keep being told this condition is generally more common in women carrying multiple babies...oh great! LOL) 
This doctor was no where as nice as the last one. He was a bit perturbed about our insurance situation and tried to tell me I should use this homeless/low income medical van that goes around up North by their hospital. LOL I know I looked pretty pale and not so great last night but I didn't think I looked like a homeless person ;p  hehe  But he was very concerned about the situation and they did let me come home...with out a permie pic line which was talked about last time so fluids could be administered at I am very happy about that too...well very happy so long as this medication does work and I can get back to semi living again!!! hehe
Nah, I am not worried about how I feel or the meds so much...I just worry about my baby and our lives and health, you know? It's when you are sooo ill and on top of it are told all these horrid outcomes that can come about...well, that starts to get to you even more.
But other than the hypermesis they say I am so healthy and once I get passed this all should be smooth sailing just like with here's hoping ; )   I'm trying to stay positive and not think oh my goodness this could last my entire pregnancy. But that's ok too just so long as little cupcake keeps growing inside of me big and strong...I do wish they would give me another sono just so I could see my baby and make sure there is that little heart is still beating strong and all, you know?
This week is a little tough on me since I lost my angel baby at 9.5 weeks...this is my 9th week of pregnancy now with cupcake. So I'm a little nervous and anxious for this week to get over.
We left here around 9pm and got home around 5:30am from the ER. Shawn left to go get my prescriptions filled. The doctor told us they would cost quite a chunk of money...which we don't thankfully we have mom and my grandma to help us out. The last meds only cost us 14 dollars so we lucked out but he told us this cost quite a bit more than that so I'm curious just how much the 2 of them together will be.  We have 150 dollars to go towards them and I hope they are no more than that. But we'll see....
I have to call and beg my dad to come back up here and help me. Shawn has only been able to work 1 and 2 day work weeks since I've been so sick and we can't do that anymore. We are behind on all of our bills and  our credit is probably  ruined with late payments.
Ok, I'm sorry to ramble on. I am still half asleep and not quite "with it" and probably won't be for a long while til I can quit taking these meds. If anyone has happened to make it this far through this update I thought would be short (sorry!!! hehe) thanks! ; )

I was 10 weeks at this point. The Zofran helped control the vomiting of the mucous/bile/blood but I still stayed very nauseated.